Company Name:
VS Infrastructure Construction and Trading Co., Ltd
Mr. Vongsana BANNAVONG
General Construction of Infrastructure, Buildings and Renovation
Somsanook Village, Hatsayfong district, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.
Telephone No:
Phone/ Fax: 021 33059, Mobile: 55509991, 22434075, 22232724
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The team

VS Infrastructure Construction and Trading Co., Ltd., has been establishment since 2006 under founder of Mr. Vongsana BUNNAVONG, VS is continuous development more than 10 years. Now a day majority of staffs are Civil Engineers under Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree. We are specializing on Building Construction and infrastructure.

  • Operational in all Laos,
  • Professional team with large scale proposals

Construction companies shape the world like no one else can, creating unique and timeless spaces that bridge the past, present, and the future. As VS professionals, we are each determined to bring sincerity, courtesy, mindfulness, and enthusiasm to everything we do. In every construction process, and every business practice, we carry a string sense of responsibility.